Hi, I’m Than. I’m a front-end web developer from Portland, OR. I’m about as language-ambivalent as its possible to be today, but I enjoy Javascript more than most of the other environments I work in. I enjoy thinking about data visualization and user experience problems in my work. I also do a lot of other stuff trying to make sense of what it all means in the world.

I haven’t actually kept up a blog in years. I’ve been trying to write more, so I cleared out all of my old posts and will be occasionally posting new writing here. The writing here is going to be half-coherent and unfocused for a while while I try to get back in the habit of writing – so bear with me. I also spout whatever half-baked thoughts come to mind on my Twitter profile, and you can contact me there.

In other news, I occasionally post code on Github. I keep a record of the music I listen to on lastfm and the books I read on Goodreads; if you have similar tastes and want to recommend something, connect with me at those places.