As of WordPress 3.5, the Links Manager, which this plugin depends on, is hidden by default. If you are installing this plugin into a new WordPress install which does not have the Links Manager visible, you will need to install and activate the Links Manager plugin first.

I will be working on a new version of the plugin which does not depend on the Links Manager.

This plugin adds a basic “upcoming events” calendar to WordPress. This is different from most other events calendar plugin in that the events are stored as “links” rather than posts or custom post types. This is useful in cases where the “events” that need to be listed have their own sites, and you don’t need to store information about these listings beyond linking to them. It creates a new link category called “Events Calendar” with meta fields for location and date. It also creates a minimal configurable widget with option to display all events or only future events, show in ascending/descending order, and options to show or hide link images and descriptions. Useful for listing speaking engagements, upcoming social events, or other calendar listings which link outside of your site.

The Start Date and End Date fields are stored as text fields and can be entered as any standard php-readable date format (i.e. “Aug 1, 2010 5:00pm”, “10/4/11″, and “November 2012″ are all acceptable, and will be ordered properly and displayed just as they are entered). The End Date field is optional; if included, it will display the dates as a range; if not, only the first date will be displayed.

A note on non-American date formats:

According to the documentation on regarding date formats, a number of European-style date formats should be parsable — including DD-MM-YYYY, d.m.yy, and roman numeral month indicators. However, tests under different server environments have shown this to be fairly unreliable. If you have a problem with your dates not being processed properly, try entering all dates in MM/DD/YYYY format and either using the localized WordPress date format setting or a custom date format (options added in version 0.4)

Styling the output

Styling is customizable through css: each field is given its own class. A basic stylesheet is included in the plugin, but you can choose on the plugin options page to ignore that file and use your own stylesheet to override. You can also copy the default stylesheet (gad-events-calendar.css) either to your theme directory or a new directory called /wp-content/plugins/gad-events-custom/ to preserve any changes you make against future plugin/theme upgrades.

“Current day behavior”

In previous versions of the plugin (prior to 0.4), there were issues where the current day’s events would not be displayed if a time wasn’t specified for the event. I suggested workarounds involving adding a time to the event listing or hacking the file to set the current timestamp back to “yesterday”, bu these were awkward and hackish solutions. With the current version, there is an option on the settings page to control the behavior of the current day’s events — options include “show all events from the current day” and “show all events from the current week”.

Shortcode attributes

You can include a list of events in any Post or Page on your site. The shortcode allows the same options as you can select in the widget. Here is the syntax for each of the options:

  • display_title (false|string) The title, if any, to show before the list of events. Will be wrapped in an <h2> tag if present.
  • show_past_events (true|false) Present for backwards compatability. Use show_events instead.
  • show_events ("upcomingonly"|"allevents"|"pastonly") Pretty much what it implies. Defaults to “upcomingonly”.
  • show_descriptions (true|false) Whether or not to show descriptions in the list of events. Defaults to true.
  • show_images (true|false) Whether or not to show link images, if present, in the list of events. Defaults to false.
  • orderby (ASC|DESC) ASC: Order events current to future, or past to future. DESC: Order events future to current (or past). Defaults to ASC.
  • limit (int) If present, the maximum number of events to show in the listing.
  • link_category (int) A different category to pull events from, other than the default “Events Calendar” category. Accepts the ID of the link category to use.

In the wild

Anyone else using the plugin successfully? Let me know in the comments, or send me a link, and I’ll highlight it!


Version 0.4

  • Added “past only” option, to show only past events.
  • New options for behavior of current date (can choose to have upcoming events drop off the calendar when the start date is past, when the end date is past, or to include all events from the current day, or week). This addresses a bug which was reported where events which weren’t given a time would drop off of the calendar on the day they were scheduled.
  • Fixed bug within shortcode that would always display at the top of post content.
  • Added custom date formatting option using any PHP date format string.
  • Removed deprecated functions

Version 0.3.1

  • Added support for short code [eventslisting]
  • Added ‘limit’ feature to limit the number of events which appear in widget or shortcode.

Version 0.3

  • Added settings page and submenu page under “Links” menu to manage events.
  • Added the option to use WordPress date format setting
  • Fixed bug where if two events with the same starting date were added, only one would show
  • Fixed markup bug which left an unclosed div if no events were displayed
  • Improved internationalization – now everything should be translatable except the category name “Events Calendar”
  • Beautified the code, so you won’t be ashamed to take it home to your mama

Version 0.2

  • Fixed bug where custom meta did not save properly on adding new link, only when editing existing link.
  • Previously, the custom fields metabox was only available once links had been added to the “Events Calendar” category – so you had to create a link & assign it to that category, then go back and edit it to access the custom fields. The metabox is now available to all links, regardless of category.
  • Improved regular expression processing of date ranges (i.e. ranges of dates will now show as “May 27–30, 2010″ or “June 26–July 1, 2010″; not “May 27, 2010 – May 30, 2010″ or “June 26, 2010 – July 1, 2010″).
  • Added option to display link images.


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  1. Comment from Stephanie

    I installed and activated this plugin, but can’t figure out … is there a way to enter new events into it in some way other than editing the code? I want my client to be able to enter in her own information.

    Thanks for your help,

    • Reply to Stephanie, from Than

      You can enter the events as Links – from the dashboard, just go to Links > Add New. Any Links that you add to the “Events Calendar” category will be displayed with the widget.

      I know, its not the most intuitive way to list events. But I kept coming up on cases where people would have a list of links to events they were attending or speaking at, and there was no way to easily list them by date.

      Next feature I’ll be adding will be a submenu on the dashboard. But the way to do that is so much different with WordPress 3.0 that I’ll wait till more people start using that to roll that out.

  2. hey!
    your plugin sounds just the thing i need for a client’s website (see URL)
    unfortunately the Widget does not show up on the frontend
    - installed, activated
    - shows up in Settings
    - shows up in Add New Link
    - added a link / description / dates / category
    - widget does not show up in the frontend

    - in Link Categories, do i need to create the Link Category “Upcoming Events” or should this be automatically created (it does not)
    - any hints, what i can do to make it work (i need it DESPERATELY)



    • Reply to cris rieder, from Than

      Hi, hope you can get it working. One note, the category that is created (that the widget pulls from) is actually called “Events Calendar”, not “Upcoming Events”… I think I had that wrong in my documentation, I’ll go through and fix that.

      If you need to change the name of that category for any reason (i.e. to translate it) you’ll have to change one line in the source code.

      Find the line that says

      		$category_id = is_term('Events Calendar');

      and replace it with the category number of your category, ie:

      		$category_id = 7;

      The widget should show up on your widgets page, assuming your theme is widget-ready, and if you use it in a sidebar, any events in your ‘Events Calendar’ category should be displayed.

      • Reply to Than, from Guiri Business

        I have the same problem as this poster, I have created the link. The link category is correct but the widget does not show up in the front end. I am not sure why. Can you help?
        Thank you. It sounds like a great tool.

  3. Comment from Denise


    I was testing your widget at and the problem is that the vertical alignment of the bullet is higher than the text for the link. Is this a theme issue or a combination of both?

    Also, if I put in a location and a start date, the displayed text runs together, but if I stick at the end of the location, all looks correct. A similar issue occurs with description unless I stick a in front of start date

    • Reply to Denise, from Than

      Hi Denise,

      Yeah, there is only the barest minimum styling added to the widget… I had assumed that people would be be overriding the style in their own stylesheets…

      Try copying this and adding it to the bottom of your theme’s style.css file:

      .widget_extevtcal_widget span {
      	display: block;
      .widget_extevtcal_widget h4 {
      	margin-top: 0;  
      	padding-top: 0;  
      .event-location {
      	font-style: italic;
      .event-description {
      	font-size: .9em;
      	line-height: 1.25;
      .event-date {
      	font-family: sans-serif;
      	font-size: .7em;
      	line-height: 1.1;
      	padding-bottom: .3em;

      Its still very minimal styling, but it should put each of the elements on their own line, and separate them with a bit of padding, etc… It will also get rid of the extra space before the event title thats being added by theme’s default styling.

  4. Comment from Denise

    Thanks! That worked really great

  5. Comment from Gabi

    Great plug-in – I implemented it at – only one problem I’m having is how to configure how many events are displaying? I have 4 events I need to have displayed, but only 3 are appearing. I’ve looked at the php code and can’t see anywhere in there that it might be set/restricted to only 3, nor do I see a way to set how many can be displayed in the widget interface (the unschooling site has clearly far more than 3 so I know it’s possible).

    What am I missing?


    • Reply to Gabi, from Than

      You’re right, it shouldn’t be limited to any set number of links. I would just say to double check the category you have your links assigned to as well as the date on them. If PHP can’t interpret the date format something is entered as, it will interpret the date of the event to be zero (in Unix time: January 1, 1970)… which will not show up in the widget display, unless you have “Show past events?” checked.

      • Reply to Than, from Gabi

        Thanks – it was because I had the time in a range (8/29/2010 12:30pm – 6:00pm). I removed the “- 6:00pm” and now it displays properly.


  6. Comment from Adem

    Great plugin. Thanks.

    Just wanted to find out if there’s a way to limit the amount of events appearing on the widget?

    I would like to only display 3 items and then have a ‘click for more events’ link. Do you have any clues on this?


    • Reply to Adem, from Than

      Hi, thanks.

      No, I don’t have any way of limiting the entries as of now. If you wanted to only display three listings, you could just slice the array of results in the widget display. Find this line in the widget function:

      		if ($eventlisting) {
      			echo $before_widget.$before_title . $title . $after_title;

      and just before it, insert this line:

      		$eventlisting = array_slice( $eventlisting,0,3 );

      That will cut the list in the widget off at three events. To include a “click for more events” link, though, you’d have to do something different… maybe just link to the archive for the “Events Calendar” link category? or use jquery to show/hide the rest of the list based on a click event?

  7. Comment from Adem

    Thanks for that info. I’ve been able to limit the amount of listing and now just trying to figure out the ‘click for more events’ part.


    • Reply to Adem, from Than

      Hi – I just uploaded a new version to the repository with a “limit” option and a shortcode. If you use the widget in your sidebar with the limit set to three, you can just include a link to a page that includes the shortcode [eventscalendar] which shows all listings. Does that work any better?

      • Reply to Than, from steve

        Any trick to getting the shortcode to work?
        Is there a line(s) of code that need to be added to my template?
        The widget is working great. Need to get info on to a page now.
        Let me know. Thanks.
        – steve

        • Reply to steve, from Than

          Oh. My bad. The shortcode to use is actually [eventslisting], not [eventscalendar]. I need to write up some documentation. %)

        • Reply to steve, from steve

          This is the first time I’ve gotten a response from a plug-in site.
          And so quickly! Thank you.
          Still no luck with the short code. Is it possible that my theme doesn’t support it and I need to add code to the template?
          It is an older theme…
          Yes or no will work for an answer if you’re busy. I can research it from there. Thanks again for your reply.
          – steve

        • Reply to steve, from Than

          No, any theme that doesn’t completely override the support for shortcodes (and I don’t know why any theme would) should be able to display shortcodes in the post. I just added the shortcode functionality in 0.3.1, so make sure you’re using the most recent update of the plugin. Here’s a list of the parameters you can use, and their defaults:

          'display_title'=>__('Upcoming Events','extevtcal_plugin'),
          'link_category'=>is_term('Events Calendar'),

          So to show all events, including past ones, use a shortcode like this:

          [eventslisting show_past_events]

          Hope this helps. Sorry, I haven’t documented this plugin much at all.

  8. Is this the plugin where if you have events on your calendar, it will show you the most recent events coming up?

  9. Comment from Katie

    I can’t get the bullets to line up with the event name in my main sidebar. I’ve included the style you mentioned for someone else having the same problem, but it’s still not working. I even put a class around the bullet and set it to have no list style, but it’s still not working. Any thoughts?

    • Reply to Katie, from Than

      Hi Katie,

      I’d really have to see the theme and stylesheet you’re working with to answer that, but here’s what I assume is causing your problem:

      The events calendar is marked up in a <ul> list, with the event title wrapped in an <h4> tag. If your theme applies padding to the h4 header, that could definitely throw the vertical alignment off visually. Try removing padding with a line like this:

      .widget_extevtcal_widget ul li h4 { padding-top: 0; }
  10. Comment from luke

    hey, i was wondering if I can make multiple instances of your plug in. For example, i want to have upcoming events for three different pages, each page showing different events ( maybe i can split them on category)

  11. Comment from Art

    My events are dropping off the day before the event. Is there a way to have the event stay until the day of the event?

    • Reply to Art, from Than

      @Art – Good idea… I’ll change that in the next update of the plugin I release. In the meantime, if you give the events a time (ie “October 10, 2010 6:00pm”) it will stay up until the start time. If there’s no time given it defaults to 12:00 midnight, and drops off at the beginning of that day. You don’t have to actually show the time… if you use the localized date setting only, the time won’t be displayed. So if you entered the time at 11:59PM, for example, your listing woud stay up the entire day.

  12. Comment from Mike

    Strange problem, the widget wont show up on my site (which is very widget capable). But any links that I list with the event calendar category are showing up under my standard blog roll.

    Any ideas?

    • Reply to Mike, from Than

      Perhaps the date format isn’t being recognized? A problem with relying on PHP’s date-parsing functions as much as I did is that dates that can’t be parsed are treated as zero – and therefore won’t show up unless you show past events. Troubleshoot by turning on show past events, and if you see your links there, then try a different date format…

  13. Having some problems with the display in IE8. I think it has to do with a block level element being nested inside an inline element. (The LI appeaers inside the A). Firefox is displaying each span as it’s own link with it’s ownn hover behaviors.

    Troubleshooting is turning out to be a nightmare because there are no hooks. No classes or IDs for the elements I need to access. I don’t want to rely on tricky descendant selectors which won’t work in legacy browsers.

    How difficult is it change the HTML output of this widget? Either adding classes/IDs to the elements or changing the order of the elements (making the A appear inside the LI)?

    • Reply to Meshack, from Than

      There’s not a lot of an API, sorry… There’s choice on the settings page between wrapping the link around the <li> or inside the <h4>, around the title. If thats the main issue you’re having, maybe that will help you…?

      If you need to modify the html output, look in the function extevtcal_showlist. Lines 371-378 in the latest file handle formatting the html output. You can certainly add classes there. I’ve been dissatisfied since I first wrote that function with all the <span>s… but I’ve never gotten around to rewriting with more semantic markup. Do you have any suggestions?

  14. Comment from Bill

    Everything looks copisetic except the events calendar does NOT show up on the website.

    I read through all the above and it didn’t help.

  15. Comment from axel

    hi Hi,
    thanx for that Plugin but unfortunately it has a quite huge bug somewhere inside.
    I use SPINR-Template ( and evrytime i edit a link which i created for events category and i click on “save” the script jumps to the theme-settings and resets all my customizations.
    So i spend half of my sunday (it happend sometimes until i found out what was the reason) to get my index-page and the rest of my settings restored.

    regards axel

  16. Comment from Chris

    First off great plugin!

    I am having a problem with the current days events not showing up. I have tested on my local computer and website ( and have had the same result.

    I’ve tried what you suggested to Art about:
    “@Art – Good idea… I’ll change that in the next update of the plugin I release. In the meantime, if you give the events a time (ie “October 10, 2010 6:00pm”) it will stay up until the start time. If there’s no time given it defaults to 12:00 midnight, and drops off at the beginning of that day. You don’t have to actually show the time… if you use the localized date setting only, the time won’t be displayed. So if you entered the time at 11:59PM, for example, your listing woud stay up the entire day.”

    It works if I enter the time BUT even when I use the localized date setting the time is still displayed in the widget. I’d like to hide the time and only display the date. I would actually prefer to not have to enter a time on every entry. Any ideas? Thanks.

    • Reply to Chris, from Than

      Hmmm… some minor hacks could probably fix this. Find this function in the source (starting around line 86 of the current version):

      function sortListings($eventslist, $sortorder='DEC', $showpastevents=true) {
      	$sortarray = array();
      	$eventlisting = array();
      	foreach ($eventslist as $link) {
      		$location = get_link_meta($link,'extevt_location');
      		$startdate = get_link_meta($link,'extevt_start_date');
      		$enddate = get_link_meta($link,'extevt_end_date');
      		$sortnumber = strtotime($startdate);
      		if ($showpastevents || ($sortnumber > time() ) ) {

      and replace with this:

      function sortListings($eventslist, $sortorder='DEC', $showpastevents=true) {
      	$sortarray = array();
      	$eventlisting = array();
      	$today = strtotime( "yesterday 11:59pm" );
      	foreach ($eventslist as $link) {
      		$location = get_link_meta($link,'extevt_location');
      		$startdate = get_link_meta($link,'extevt_start_date');
      		$enddate = get_link_meta($link,'extevt_end_date');
      		$sortnumber = strtotime($startdate);
      		if ($showpastevents || ($sortnumber > $today ) ) {

      This will show all of today’s events in the regular output. Its not clean to my standards (and I think some people would like more control over when events drop off the calendar), so I don’t think I’ll put this out as a patch right now. But the next version I push out will have settings to control showing today’s events, showing events for the past x days, etc.

      • Reply to Than, from Chris

        Thanks! That works perfectly! I’ll keep an eye out for the next version and definitely check it out.

  17. Comment from Frank

    I am not an expert with style.css and the default look of each event is not good.
    CorseSuperbe rallye organisé par Yves Loubet et ses partenaires03/12–13/2011
    -as you can see, the location, description and dates are not at all separated. how do you add some space, change the font of these items. could you give me an easy explanation of what to do ? …
    I tried adding some items in style.css but this implies thast I loose all formating each time that I update the theme (and with artisteer, it is rather frequent). Could you not add some easy settings in the parameters ?
    - I notices that if you do not put a web-site, the event is not added and is “lost”. Is it possible to change this ?`
    Great thanks for you help and otherwhise excellent widget.

    • Reply to Frank, from Than

      Hi Frank and thanks for commenting…

      I’ll send you an email with some specific fixes for your site. You probably need to remove the bottom margin for the h4 and add a bottom margin for the surrounding li. But you’re right, its not so simple to do. You can edit the css file in the plugin, but that will be overwritten every time you update the plugin. Next update will allow that to be changed via plugin options.

      And, as far as being able to add events without links, no, sadly, that’s not possible in WordPress’s links manager interface, which is what this is built on. I’m sure there’s a way around that, I’ll just have to think on it.

  18. Comment from Hallie

    Hi … love the links concept, but the widget doesn’t appear in my theme. I”m using Carrington Business, and though widgets from other plugins work with this theme, the events calendar doesn’t appear in my list. Any thoughts?

    • Reply to Hallie, from Than

      Hmmm, I’m not familiar with that theme, but I’ll take a look at it and see if there’s a conflict there. Do you mean that it doesn’t even show is in the list of available widgets, or just that it doesn’t display on the front end? And, can you provide details about your configuration – WP version, host, PHP version, etc.?

      • Reply to Than, from Hallie

        Thx for the quick response. I”ll try my best to give the details … still quite new to WP …

        WordPress 3.0.2.
        Host: Crystaltech
        I”m not sure how to find out which version of php i’m using.

        The widget displays in my dashboard under my list of available widgets. However, it doesn’t display in the widgetized areas of my theme (my theme usually lets me drag and drop widgets into it so that I can add widgets to any part of my page).

      • Reply to Than, from Hallie

        I found a work-around and I’ve got it posting now. Hoorah! It works great. Now I’m on to styling. I have been modifying the css, but it’s not quite enough. I want to get rid of the bullets, and make the date, location and description each appear on their own line. it’s not really clear to me where to find the code to edit. Can you point me in the right direction?

        Also I would really like to split things up in two … Upcoming Events and Past Events. I don’t think it’s possible with this version … I can only get Upcoming Events and All Events. This would be an awesome feature for future versions. Thx.

      • Reply to Than, from Hallie

        OK, I’ve figured out the styling. I’ve set the display of each item to be a block:

        .event-location {
        display: block;
        font-size: 1.0em;
        font-weight: bold;

        .event-description {
        display: block;
        font-size: 1.0em;
        line-height: 1.25;

        .event-date {
        display: block;
        font-weight: bold;
        font-size: 1.0em;
        line-height: 1.1;
        padding-bottom: 1.5em;

        But I still can’t see how to get rid of the bullets! Help would be appreciated. Thx!!

        • Reply to Hallie, from Than

          Glad you figured out how to make the widget display. I was at a loss for what could have been wrong, looking through the theme you mentioned for possible conflicts.

          Getting rid of the bullets should be easy enough:

          .widget_extevtcal_widget ul {
              list-style: none;

          (assuming you don’t have a style conflict with something else in your theme… You may have to add an !important declaration or work around existing styling in some way.)

          A “Past Events” option is a good idea. Don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that before. Thanks!

  19. Comment from Hallie

    Thx for the tip. This has been a great solution for dealing with listing events that appear in the future. Great work!

  20. Comment from Hallie

    I would like to use the calendar right within a non-widgetized part of one of my pages, and have inserted the short code

    [eventslisting show_past_events]

    into the page, as per an earlier thread.

    Only upcoming events are showing, however. Is this the correct short code for listing ALL events? Thx!

    • Reply to Hallie, from Than

      Try this:

      [eventslisting show_past_events=true]

      You may also want to pass a display_title attribute, otherwise it defaults to “Upcoming Events”.

      Another sign that I need much better documentation :) I’m working on the next update right now, I’ll be sure to write up all the parameters and options a lot more clearly.

    • Reply to Hallie, from Hallie

      Hi Than,

      That worked great. Thanks for the details because this is my first WP site. It seems that I’m going to need a little more control over the display of the events … I might need to place the date immediately after the title, for instance. I guess this needs to happen in the .php files, but there are so many lines of code that I can’t find the part I”m looking for. Can you let me know what file and line I can find it in?

      Also, I have another question, and I”m not sure you can help. Your plugin has the potential to save me TONS of time because the same events need to appear in several places on my site. It works great in my sidebar, and when displaying the list on my events page, but I also want the list to appear in my CV page, under a heading “Exhibitions”. The trouble is that the short code makes the list always display at the top of the page. Do you have any idea how to get the list to appear in the middle of page? I have text that needs to appear both before and after my list. I’ve been looking for the answer in various forums and can’t find it, so I’d be grateful if you could let me know any tips or point me in the right direction.Thx.

      • Reply to Hallie, from Than

        Hi Hallie,

        The function which generates the markup is called extevtcal_showlist (lines 359 to 379 of the current version)… you can edit the markup in there.

        About the shortcode, yes, thats a bug that I just discovered and fixed while working on version 0.4. Basically the shortcode should generate the markup for the calendar listing and return it, but its echoing it instead, which puts it before the post content on the page.

        I’ve got a few more features to add… if you can wait a week or so, I’ll have version 0.4 ready to release with that bug fixed in it.

  21. Comment from Hallie

    Hey, it’s awesome that you’re working on this, Than. Looking forward to the next release!!

  22. Comment from vantastich

    Hey there nice Plug-in! i am just starting to play around with it. Is there a way to link it to a visual calendar? I mean, is there a grided calendar option, or perhaps an option to export to a csv to be able to import into an existing calendar (like google Calendar).

    I really like the listing and linking ability of this plugin but would also like to show it visually.

    Thanks for any help.

    P.S. In reply to Haille I was going to recommend an iframe but I just tested v. 0.4 and see that you have it working. Very Nice Than.

  23. Comment from Zack

    hi, i just start using your widget but, after i add it on my page as a widget current date appears under the event. how can i get rid of that ?

    • Reply to Zack, from Than

      Do you mean, hiding the date? Or making it display inline? Not sure what you mean, but you can change those options with your css.

      • Reply to Than, from Zack

        thanx for fast reply, i mean; for ex i add event at 01:00 pm and it shows under the event. any chance to invis that ?

  24. Comment from fotograf

    That worked perfect. Thanks also for the details.

  25. I am successfully using the external events plugin to display a list of my upcoming presentations:

    I just added a second list of other speakers’ events that’s implemented using a second link category code.

    Thanks for a useful plugin.

  26. Hey there! Great plugin!
    I haven’t been able to make the time visible. The date shows just fine, but can’t make the hour & minute visible. What’s up?
    I’m feeling up the date input with something like:
    22-08-2011 6.30pm

    Is it wrong?


    • Reply to Lucas Mourelle, from Than

      Hi Lucas,

      You might need to use a colon in the time input… ie 6:30pm rather than 6.30pm. I haven’t tested out international styles that thoroughly.

      That said, though, I did just notice a bug in the date formatting when using the default date/time formats in WordPress 3.2 – I’ll track that down and update the plugin in the next day or two. Not exactly sure what changed in WP, but I better figure it out.

      In the meantime, you can choose “custom date/time formatting” on the settings page and set the format you want to display, in your case try d-m-Y g.ia.

      • Reply to Than, from Lucas Mourelle

        Thanks a lot Than!
        It showed up when using custom date/time formatting as you recommended me! :)


  27. Comment from Adam

    Every time I try to save a new link, it disappears and does not not show up in either the “all links” page or the “Events Calendar” page. I have the events calendar box checked off, but no luck. the links just do not show up.

    • Reply to Adam, from Than

      Interesting. Are you able to save other links? If you disable the plugin, are you able to save links then?

      The “Links” section of WordPress is really a redheaded stepchild at this point; no one pays any attention to it anymore. I’ve seen several themes with heavy admin section customization that completely break the Links functionality, and apparently nobody notices because that section is so rarely used.

  28. How can you change the color of the event titles? I’ve tried modifying the h4, a, a:link, etc, but I can’t figure it out…

    • Reply to Robert Trembley, from Than

      The level of specificity you need may depend on your theme, but for most cases, something like

      .widget_extevtcal_widget h4 a { color: red; }

      should be enough to do it.

      • Reply to Than, from Robert Trembley

        Thanks for the incredibly fast response! I tried that same code before I posted… I believe you are right about the theme interfering – I’m using Weaver 2.2.4. I’ll keep trying :)

  29. Greetings – BTW, nice work on this plugin. I’d like to display my “Notes”, for example using that section to show an address, or an expanded description of my events. I tried `show_notes=true` — any suggestions?

  30. I created a page using WP 3.31 with only the shortcode:

    [eventslisting show_descriptions="true"]

    For some reason I get a blank line under the link, is there an easy way to get rid of that?


  31. I feel like this is the plug-in I’m looking for, but it’s just not working… I’ve added three upcoming events correctly in the Events Calendar in Links, giving it a title, dates, location and description.

    I see the widget among my choices… I drag it over to my sidebar… BUT when I look at my live site, I only see my custom title “Where I’ll be…” the rest of the box is blank.

    However, I scroll down and see another box labeled “Events Calendar” that displays the title of the events and are links to event site… but none of the additional information.

    Also, this box appears toward the bottom of my sidebar whether I have the widget placed there or not…

    Any advice?

    • Reply to Robert H, from Than

      I see what you’re saying. The widget at the bottom of your sidebar with “Events Calendar” as the title is actually the WordPress “Links” widget, showing the header for the “Events Calendar” category. The “Where I’ll Be” event links widget is actually displaying properly if you view the source of the page, but the event listings themselves are being hidden by CSS. You have a style applied to #sidebar li which sets a height on list items in the sidebar and hides overflow, so the actual events being shown in the widget are hidden. Try adding a line to your style.css to fix that like this:

      #sidebar .widget_extevtcal_widget li { height: auto; }
      • Reply to Than, from Robert H

        Added the line in the CSS… and nada. No changes,

        • Reply to Robert H, from Than

          Are you sure? When I paste that line at the end of your theme’s style.css file, I see all the links in your widget. I’m looking at your source and don’t see that line anywhere in there.

        • Reply to Robert H, from Robert H

          You are right! I must have pasted the line in the wrong stylesheet… it is appearing now. But how do I hide the “Events Calendar” widget under the blogroll? That appears whether I have the widget in the sidebar or not.

          Thanks again!

        • Reply to Robert H, from Robert H

          D’oh! Nevermind… figured it out. Great plugin! Thanks again for all your help.

  32. Comment from Tony

    Hi, great little plug-in, does exactly what I want. My query is this: after managing to format the widget on a test page in Chrome and get the description/location/date on separate lines using this code in the stylesheet:

    .event-location {
display: block;
font-size: 1.0em;
font-weight: bold;
    .event-description {
display: block;
font-size: 1.0em;
line-height: 1.25;
    .event-date {
display: block;
font-weight: bold;
font-size: 1.0em;
line-height: 1.1;
padding-bottom: 1.5em;

    How come it is not formatting correctly (location runs into date) in Firefox browser?!

    Please help!



  33. Comment from RahRah

    Loving the plug-in!

    For some reason the description, and location are only showing on the last entry. I have played with the short codes, and try as I might nothing seems to fix it.
    thanks in advance!

  34. Comment from mai

    so … I don’t have a “links” option in my dashboard – can’t figure out how to add an event?

  35. Great plugin, works perfect ! Thanx !

  36. Comment from Gregg

    I just added a fix to my copy of your plugin. This fixes the show_events=”pastonly” option.

    I use your plugin on my front page and on my “exhibitions” page and really like it. Thank you for writing it. Do you still plan to release an updated version that doesn’t rely on the links plugin?

    $sortnumberEnd = $sortnumber = strtotime( $startdate );
    if(enddate) $sortnumberEnd = strtotime( $enddate );
    if ( ( ( $showevents != ‘pastonly’ ) && (
    ( ( $showevents == ‘allevents’ ) || ( $showevents === true ) || ( $sortnumber > $currenttime ) )
    || ( ( $behavior == ‘enddate’ ) && !empty( $enddate ) && ( strtotime( $enddate ) > $currenttime ) ) ) )
    || ( ( $showevents == ‘pastonly’) && ( $sortnumberEnd < time() ) ) ) {

  37. Comment from Gregg


    Line should be:

    if($enddate) $sortnumberEnd = strtotime( $enddate );

  38. Comment from Heidi

    Hello, and thanks for the great plugin.
    I have it running on a network site, which contains three WP installs (Dutch, English and German).
    The Dutch install is like the core – from there the network site was extended. For the Dutch site, the calendar works good.
    Unfortunately, in the English and German site, the date and location fields are not saved – only the link itself. Can you see if you can make it fully network site-proof?
    Thanks for your help and kind regards,
    Heidi U.

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