Well, after saying I would get to finishing up this plugin for a couple years (and honestly being surprised that nobody else has put this together, considering (a) how simple it was, and (b) how much interest there seemed to be), I finally rewrote my old “Recommended Links” plugin and posted the updated code both on github and in the official WordPress plugin directory.

Download from WordPress.org
Download, clone, or fork on github


I’m moving the documentation over to the github wiki page, so that it will be easier to maintain.

Feature requests and bugfixes:

You can now use the issues page to discuss bugs, feature requests or enhancements. Should be a lot easier to follow than the comment thread here. I believe this requires having a github account, however – if you can’t create an account there or prefer just sending me a message directly, feel free to contact me: goldenapplesdesign (at) gmail dot com.

P.S. to everyone who submitted comments here a while back, I deleted all old comments to start over.

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  1. Comment from Kevin


    First of all, thank you for continuing work on this plugin!

    While I managed to get the plugin installed, I’m not able to figure out how to display the links.

    mysite/reclinks/ returns a 404.

    mysite/?post_type=reclinks loads the regular.

    And how do users submit links?

    Sorry for being so baffled. Hint: If I’m baffled by how to use this, probably 90+% of WordPress users will be too.

  2. Comment from Kevin


    mysite/?post_type=reclinks loads the regular. = mysite/?post_type=reclinks loads the regular homepage.

  3. Comment from Kevin

    Additionally, I created two Reclinks posts using the Reclinks screen in the admin panel /wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=reclink

    Then I created a page template using the sample code you supplied. I published a test page using that template. The page displays the title of the page and nothing else.

    It might be that much more detailed instructions are all that’s necessary for me to get this to work… Not sure.

  4. Comment from Than

    Hi Kevin,

    hmm. major documentation flaw on my part, huh? Not surprising… I’m juggling a few things, and in rushing to get this code out, maybe my documentation & instructions were a bit sloppy – I’ll improve them as I go along. Thanks for bearing with me and test-driving the plugin.

    • The only way to add links right now is through the widget. Add the “RecLinks Add Link Form” to a sidebar somewhere on your site.
    • Actually, the non-permalink address for your recommended links archive is yoursite.com/?post_type=reclink… not reclinks like I had in the docs. sorry. Also, to use pretty permalinks with a new post type, you always have “flush your rewrite rules”. Visit the Settings » Permalinks page once, and the more attractive yoursite.com/reclinks will work for you.
    • And, the sample code I provided above was for the loop on an archive-reclink.php file. It won’t do anything really on a page template…

      Thanks for testing the plugin out, and please, let me know what you think it needs once you get it to work!

  5. Comment from Kevin

    Ok, my ancient theme isn’t widget aware. I’ll do some testing with a modern theme.

  6. Comment from Kevin

    It works it works it works! Wow, this is cool.

    1. Is there a way to make the list of links appear on a dedicated page? For example, the home page has all of the normal blog posts, we have different pages for About, Contact, etc. Is there a way to make this run on a Recommend Links page?

    2. Changing the appearance: I tried making a file called “archive-reclinks.php” containing the code you included above. I placed the file in the recommended links plugin’s folder, but the appearance didn’t change at all. I don’t know where archive-reclinks.php is supposed to go, or what I’m supposed to do to change the appearance of the output.

    If you ask ten different people what it should look like, you’ll probably get ten different suggestions. Perhaps it would be possible to include a few stock styles for people to chose from that they could then go on to modify.

    Personally, I’d like something that looks like Reddit, but Hacker News looks good too.

    3. I’d like the option to turn off the description field, so we get that Reddit/Hacker News effect of title-as-link and that’s it.

    4. I think this is a bug: When clicking on an individual reclinks post to see the comments, the title loses the link. It’s not clickable like when it’s displayed using /?post_type=reclink.


  7. Comment from Hayden

    I’ve got the widget installed mid-way down my sidebar.

    I’m having issues with the submission form and how it displays the links afterwards.

    It displays properly, in text, but it is adding the Link URL to the Link Title, causing a 404 or other error.

    Example –

    I submitted a Link URL of ‘www.google.com’ with the Link Title of, ‘Link Test’ and it prints ‘www.google.comlink%20test’

    See what I mean? It’s mashing the URL with the Title. In text and appearance, it *looks* fine, until I hover over the link.

    Also, it IS displaying the Domain properly off to the side, so I’m not sure where the mixup is happening. I assume somewhere within the “recommended-links/widgets.php” and how it displays current links, but I can’t figure it out.

    Otherwise, I’m really enjoying it! I haven’t been able to get a real streamlined “Archives page” but I believe that’s due to conflicts with my theme. It will properly show them all in the proper, rated order by going to mysite.net/reclinks – but does not offer any way to vote there. Only in the sidebar widget. Hoping to use the …/reclinks as a stand-alone page that offers voting, not just the sidebar.

    Cheers and I look forward to hearing back from you! Great concept and I can’t wait to see the next release. Sadly, until I can figure out the Link URL / Link Title issue, it’s of little use.

    Kevin Hayden
    Founder, TruthisTreason.net

  8. Comment from Hayden

    Also – I’ve been working on this in Google Chrome. When I switch to Internet explorer, the Submit Widget does not appear. Is that on my end? All cookies, memory cache cleared, etc.

    The Links show up with voting ability in the sidebar, just like in Chrome (although still displaying the destination as “http://www.LinkURL.comLinkTitle”)

    Just another head’s up!

    • Reply to Hayden, from Than

      Hi Kevin,

      I actually noticed the problem with the links in the sidebar list widget, and I have a fix in the works… I was just waiting to get a few new features tested (working on the admin settings page and an easier process for setting up and styling an archive page) so that I can release the next version. Check for an update in the next two to three days…

      I haven’t noticed any problem in Internet Explorer, but I can double check. The submit widget does only show up for logged-in users – could that be the issue?

      • Reply to Than, from Hayden

        Logged in users – that is EXACTLY the issue. I was logged in as Admin in Chrome, then opened up Explorer to check – without logging in – and it didn’t appear. That’s it, right there. Duh! haha, thanks.

        Other than that, I don’t really have any “features request” as I’ve never been a user of Reddit, but I Do see the potential in allowing users to easily submit stories and links. The titles and any summary/description they include only helps my Google content, so I’m all for it … as long as it’s relevant! LoL

        Good job, looking forward to the update, and will check back Monday or Tues to see any progress. Keep it up.

        - Hayden

  9. Comment from Kevin

    Quick thought for a future feature: bookmarklet to allow users to quickly submit interesting links. It would automatically load the title and url into the appropriate fields. I used to use this on Reddit quite a bit and my active Hotaru users use this a lot.

    Here’s the Reddit bookmarklets page:


    • Reply to Kevin, from Than

      Good call – that’s definitely a useful feature. Consider it in the works…

  10. Comment from Douglas

    Downloaded, installed, setup widgets in the sidebar and had no problems with a couple test submissions. It would be nice to have a recommended link submission on a dedicated page instead of the sidebar. I was interested in the changing the output style but could not find the archive-reclink.php file in the editor. I am lost. I also noticed that the submission time was not correct ( off by 7 hours). ? All in all, I like what you have put together. Awesome Job!

  11. Comment from Kevin


    The shortcode [reclinks_addlinkform] feature isn’t working for me. It just displays the text [reclinks_addlinkform] in the page or post.

    • Reply to Kevin, from Kevin

      Ok, it’s just a documentation error.

      I just went poking around in github and figured out that the shortcode should be [reclink_addform] NOT [reclinks_addlinkform].

    • Reply to Kevin, from Kevin

      And now….

      The submissions don’t work from the form that’s generated from the shortcode.

      It says, “Link submitted successfully,” but there’s no indication that anything was submitted.

      The widget is also broken. Submissions aren’t showing up.

      Anyone else seeing this on version 0.3.3.?

  12. Comment from Douglas

    Seeing the same problem on Version 0.3.3. I used the shortcut [reclink_addform]. The submission form does show up on the page, however a test submission does not show up. I have also tried the widget and the submissions are not showing up.

    Also, when logged in as another user to recommend a link through the RecLinks tab in Admin, the page is setup for writing a post and not recommending a url link. You have to navigate out of the dashboard to website to the page “recommend links” to submit.

  13. Comment from Than

    Hi all, thanks for bearing with me on this one. Sorry to everyone who installed 0.3.3 – I was fixing an issue where links showed up as being from “anonymous”, but introduced another bug where nothing would get posted at all… Thats fixed in 0.3.4.

    I’d like to move discussion of bugs and feature requests off of this comments thread and onto the issues page on github for now. Since I’ve never really finished my theme here, following comments is not very easy, and I’d like to stay on top on any issues. I’d appreciate some feedback there, and discussion on the priority of various fixes and features so I can get a sense of what direction to focus on with the plugin.

    The downside, to post there you will need to create a github account. It is free though.

    I’m also creating a wiki there and moving all of the plugin documentation over there, as half of my problems so far have been the result of poor documentation.

  14. Comment from Leo


    I need some help from you. I tried to use Recommended Links plugin on my website. But i dont know why its not working properly, all links cant be voted over 2 points, 2 points is maximum. Many users voted on the links. I’m using latest wordpress version 3.3.2. Your plugin is great with my project, i would love to see it works properly.

    Please give me some advices. Thank you

  15. Comment from DL Dahly

    I just wanted to say that this worked very well for me. Installed the plug in; added the widgets to the side bar; set the archive page to where I wanted the links to show. Great job and I’ll be making a donation. Example: http://statisticalepidemiology.org/?page_id=887

  16. Hey man I cannot get your plugin to work, somehow I was able to post 2 links and for some reason I cannot anymore, take a look at internationalupdates.com I need help! lol

  17. Comment from abouthack

    Hey man I cannot get your plugin to work, I am trying to replace my pligg site with wordpress. http://tolinkup.com

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